Norwegian Credit Cards

This is the site for you that are looking for Norwegian credit cards. There are over 300 different credit cards in Norway. Actually one of the most popular one is a card called Bank Norwegian Visa. A credit card is a card that give you credit. When you use your credit you have a time frame of where you do not need to pay any interest rate. Normally this time period is about 45 days. If you do not pay your used credit within this time frame you need to pay interest rate on your used credit. A credit card cost about nothing to use and can be profitable as long as you always pay your used credit befor the interest rate starts to run. If you let your credit stay on the card you it might be an expensive affaire as the interest rate on credit cards are high. So you shold always pay all your used credit every month.

How to find a good Norwegian Credit Card?

First you should find out what you need the card for and how you are going to use it. Are you going to use the card only as extra cash when you need it or do you want to save money using the advantages the card can give you?

If you are using a card only as extra cash you should simply look for a credit card with low interest rate. That mean if you have unpaid credit on the card the cost of it would be lower with low interests opposed to high interest rates.

If you want to use the card to use the benefits a card can get you, you need to learn a little on what types of benefits you can get with a credit card in Norway. The most common benefits are travelling benefits such as travel insurance, flight bonus on specific airlines, rebates on rentalcars and so on. Other common benefits are rebates on gasoline, rebates in stores and different types of industries and bonus everytime you use the card.

If you want to use the benefits you should try to find a card that suits your type of regular spending. For example if you drive a gasoline car a lot maybe a card with rebate on gasoline will suit you. If you travel a couple of times a year maybe it would be beneficial with a card with travel benefits. If you spend a lot on food and groceries you should maybe look for a credit card with rebates on food and groceries.

Different popular credit cards in Norway

There are more than 300 different cards in Norway. Some of the most popular ar Remember Mastercard, DNB Mastercard, Bank Norwegian Visa, Skandiabanken kredittkort, Esso Mastercard, Trumf Visa, Creso Gold, Ikano Visa and 365direkte Mastercard.

The History of the Credit Card

The first credit cards came urban stores in the US that tried do make the customers to come back more frequently to the store. In the old days it was common to get credit at your local store. But as the cities came to grow bigger and bigger it was impossible for the stores to know all the customers. The solution was to give them a credit card. In the beginning these were often made of metal plates and could be used in stores like Bloomingdales and Macy’s.

The first modern credit card was invented by Frank McNamara in 1949 when he had dinner at a restaurant in New York. When he was going to pay he noticed that he had forgot his wallet. Luckily he was rescued by his wife. The next year he came back and paid with a little paper card, today known as Diners, according to Diners. The early Diners cards were so called Charge Cards.

Bank Americard, that came do develop to become Visa and American Express started with modern types of credit cards in the late 1950-ies. Bank Americard changed name to Visa in 1976. 1966 MasterCharge card was started by 4 Californian banks and became Mastercard in 1979.

The first reward card with spending benefits to the customer was started as late as 1989 when Citibank and American Airlines issued a credit card that game customers reward points.

The first Credit Card in Norway

The first card to operate in Norway was American Express in the early 70-ies. Visa was launched 1977 and got 500 000 cards in circulation pretty quickly. In Norway today thera are about 2,4 credit cards in circulation of whom about 1,9 million are VISA or Mastercard according to Wikipedia.


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