Norwegian Credit Cards with rebates on gasoline

Credit cards that give you rebate on gasoline is called Bensinkort in Norwegian. These cards give you different types of benefits when you either fill your car with gas or buy something at gasvstations.

Popular Norwegian Cards with rebates on gas are Shell Mastercard, 365direkte Mastercard, Ikano Visa, YX Visa, Esso Mastercard and Circle K Mastercard to mention a few.


Bank Norwegian credit card

Bank Norwegian Visa is a very popular credit card in Norway. It gives you bonus in form of Cashpoints. Every time you use your card you get 1% in Cashpoints. If you use your card and buy airplane tickets at Norwegian you get between 5 – 20% cashpoints depending on what type tickets you buy.

The Cashpoints you can use to buy airplane tickets at Norwegian. 1 Cashpoint equals 1 NOK.

The Bank Norwegian card also comes with a travel insurance if you pay at least 50% of your trip with the card. You can also use your card in foreign ATM machines without getting charged for it.

When you have the Bank Norwegian card you have access to Norwegian Reward. Norwegian Reward is a program of benefits that gives you cashpoints when you buy stuff in over 100 different stores.

This is a very popular card. But remember you can only make use of the Cashpoints if you ever fly with Norweigan.